Microsoft xna framework redistributable

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I have a problem with this game, every time I want to run it, a window opens to let the Microsoft xna framework redistributable run as Administrator, I agree to this this happens to me with a bunch of games and all go perfect from then on but then the game doesn't even starts. Anyone Microsoft xna framework redistributable this problem too? Thank you in advance. Sorry you are having issues - it should start as you described, so let's see what's going on : Start by looking to see if any logs have been generated. There are 2 Microsoft xna framework redistributable places to look. First, the game, itself, will generate a log IF the failure happened inside of the game. Often start up issues, however, happen before the game starts in. For those types of issues, we need to look to the Windows' Event Viewer for logs. Check out the Application section of Windows' Event Viewer for any errors when you try to run it. Let me know if you have any logs, and what they are saying. Hopefully that will give us a clue as to how to correct the issue. JP I have logs, one is the game installation failing and the previous one is: Product: Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4. NET Microsoft xna framework redistributable 4 Client Profile Does that means I need to install Microsoft. NET Framework 4 first? It should have installed. NET 4 during the game install, but sounds like it didn't. Perhaps because of your system needing to prompt you to run applications. Maybe it interfered with the install. In any event, in the Steam apps folder where it downloaded the game there should be two EXEs. NET and one for XNA installs. If you have issues installing. NET, it's possible there's an issue with an existing. NET install it comes from many programs. If that's the case, you might need to uninstall before you install. However, simply try installing, first and see if that fixes it. NET Framework 4 is already a part of this operating system. You do Microsoft xna framework redistributable need to install the. NET Framework 4 redistributable. Same or higher version of. NET Framework 4 Client Profile has already been installed on this computer. Should I see if I can even uninstall it and reinstall? InvalidOperationException: An unexpected error has occurred. Read ContentReader input, SoundEffect existingInstance at Microsoft. LoadSoundEffectInstance String SoundFileName, Single Volume Microsoft xna framework redistributable CircuitGame. RunGame Boolean useBlockingRun at CircuitGame. Main just tried uninstalling and reinstalling xna as well, didn't help ;-; triple edit: I'm an Microsoft xna framework redistributable, i disable my laptop speakers when i use the headphones, reenabling the main speaker driver in the audio panel fixed it. After the reinstall your last postdid you start geting errors in the game logs, as well? You didn't send a Microsoft xna framework redistributable like this before, but it looks different than what I expected you saw before. This one is from inside the game, and could indicate a need for an update of directx. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by.

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