Правило употребления other others таблица

Правило употребления other others таблица am happy to have you as a visitor. This blog was created with the goal to connect teachers around the world, to connect pupils and parents to me and to encourage my students to have some self study moments at home. Hugs from Brazil This is a very common and frequent question among pre-intermediate ESL students. Every now and then I am asked about the difference between " other", " others" and " another". So we are правило употребления other others таблица to правило употребления other others таблица one at a time, thus maybe we can avoid its misuse. This word is generally accompanied by the word " the". The use of " the" is optional. If you observe it closely It is exactly the same thing as " an other" written together. By the way, both are written together - another — since th 16 th century. We use " another" when we want to refer to something which was mentioned before in a sentence. As a last tip: Try to observe the words in context, so then you will notice the difference between them. They always help to understand the use of the words. My doubt was clarified. Greetings from Cartagena, Colombia. Hi Vanessa, I was desperate think about the use of other, others and another. Lucky I found your blog. It is very informative and educative. Thank you very much and good luck. It was a really great explanation, congrats. Hugs from Brasilia disse. Thank you for sharing the difference between the three words. Congratulations FOR your great explanation. I can assure you that you are helping so many other people like me to understand this such a beautiful language. Greetings from Mauá, São Paulo, Brazil. We used it on our english class!

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